In this humorous novella, a woman nearing the end of her personal rope makes a deal with a demon for ten years of wealth, love and happiness—but what she gets surprises her and readers as well.


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What makes a great murder mystery?  Is it a terrifying killer, a host of possible suspects or a twist in the final moments...or all of the above?  “Midnight Hour” fans will get to decide for themselves when the series’ latest entry, “The One That Got Away,” premieres on New Year’s Day.

There’s trouble in paradise when unemployed auto worker Ted Grange finds his wife Abby is helping make ends meet by dancing at a strip club owned by their next door neighbors, Max and Debra Reiner.

But anger turns to concern when Abby is attacked by an “old man” who waits for her in front of her own house one night, as she walks home from the strip club.  Abby escapes unscathed—or does she?

In the aftermath of the attack, the police stop by to make a report and get everyone’s story.  Soon, it becomes apparent that none of the people closest to Abby has an alibi for their whereabouts during the attack. 

Attributing the incident to a one—time phenomenon, Abby continues to go about her life, with the notable exception that she’s staying away from the club (and its sleazy clientele) until the “old man” is caught.

But the night has eyes and the walls of Abby’s house aren’t strong enough to keep them out.  She is attacked again and, miraculously, survives again.  But now her husband, Ted, and neighbors Max and Debra want Abby to leave town for a weekend camping trip in the distant north woods, far from strip clubs and serial killers.  She agrees to go...and for her, life will never be the same.

“The One That Got Away” airs Thursdays and Saturdays throughout January, 2015.  Check the Episode Guide for channels & times or watch it in HD below.


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