In this humorous novella, a woman nearing the end of her personal rope makes a deal with a demon for ten years of wealth, love and happiness—but what she gets surprises her and readers as well.


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As season 7 draws to a close, we reflect on some of the most memorable “Midnight Hour” moments we've seen during the past year:

5: In “Death Is a Silent Witness,” Alexis Carey has offered to stay the night with her girlfriend, just in case her physically abusive boyfriend tries to get even for their break-up.  But during the night, Alexis is awakened by sounds of a struggle.  She goes downstairs just in time to find someone has killed her girlfriend and is about to return to cut up the body and dispose of it.  Alexis hides and watches the grisly act, but never sees the culprit’s face.  Hours later, she is interrogated by the police—who obviously don’t believe her story.  We share her frustration and isolation as she tries vainly to convince everyone she isn’t crazy and soon Alexis discovers at least one person does believe her—and will kill to keep her quiet.

4: In “The Black Testament of Solange,” glamorous Solange Piquette has come home alone late at night and is changing into something more comfortable.  While in her bedroom, she hears the front door opening downstairs—apparently blown by a gust of wind.  She slowly descends the stairs and is about to close it only to find her neighbor (and former lover) on the porch, looking for his dog.  Or is he?  Solange dusts him off and is walking back up the stairs when her foot slips on a nearly invisible sheet of cellophane planted on the stair’s edge.  Her fall down the stairs is spectacular—but not fatal.  Before she can move, an unknown hand enters the frame, grabs her by the hair and smashes her skull against the wooden floor.  Solange dies, but not before whispering the name of someone who might be her killer.

3: In “Sinistique,” blue collar worker Billy Fletcher is dumped by his girlfriend in favor of a co-worker he hates and whose brain he has damaged with his bullying.  On the rebound, he tries to enlist the services of a hooker in a lonely alley.  He pays but is not “up” to the occasion because he’s preoccupied by the realization that his girl is on a date with his enemy at that very moment.  The banter between Billy and the hooker is priceless as she is less than tactful about his performance.  Things get violent and Billy kicks her out of his car.  Her face stinging and ripped off, the hooker screams “die!” at his car as it speeds away.  Which brings us to—


2: Also in “Sinistique,” after Billy kicks out his hooker and goes home alone, we see he is being covertly stalked by someone carrying a hypodermic full of air.  As Billy tries to get into his house, the deadly hypodermic is coming closer and closer to him.  Just as the door opens to safety, his assailant plunges the needle into the base of his skull, filling his brain with 4cc’s of deadly air.  Billy stumbles down the basement stairs, dying of artificially induced cerebral hemorrhage.

1: Taking first place is this scene from “The One That Got Away.” A serial killer has been attacking sex-trade workers.  After stripper Abby Grange has a fight with her husband, she has to walk home—alone.  It’s late at night and she sees an “old” man in a dirty trench coat, loitering in front of her house.  Nobody else is around and Abby has no choice but to walk right by him.  Suspense is built as she walks towards the creepy gent.  She nearly passes but before she can, he grabs her and lances her neck with a rosary.  They struggle and she knees him, running to her front door.  But she can't find the right key and in her panic loses precious seconds fumbling!  Meanwhile, her attacker recovers.  Just as he nears her, she opens the door and runs into the house, safe...for the time being.

These are our favorite moments from season 7.  What were yours?  Write to us at and let us know.

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