In this humorous novella, a woman nearing the end of her personal rope makes a deal with a demon for ten years of wealth, love and happiness—but what she gets surprises her and readers as well.


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As “Midnight Hour’s” season seven premieres on Michigan cable stations, series producers are conducting a search for talented actors to appear in upcoming episodes and venues for filming.

The Midnight Hour Cell Phone Video Challenge
Highly motivated actors, hungry to show the world what they can do with a good script, are invited to try out for the series by filming themselves performing a short dramatic monologue or short scene on their cellphones.  “Reels” are not required and in fact are discouraged, as their footage is usually apples to oranges compared to what the Midnight Hour casting department is looking for.  Cellphone video clips can be emailed to for consideration.  Youtube links are also accepted.

Immediate openings are available for episodes filming in September, October, November, December, 2014 and January of 2015.  The series provides IMDb credit (TV series), TV exposure, HD footage for actor’s reels, lunches and snacks.  These are unpaid gigs.

Extra work in exchange for venues
Smaller roles are available to homeowners who allow the series access to their homes for filming, providing novice talent and the curious an opportunity to cameo themselves and their homes on television for posterity.

To submit your home for consideration, contact with a photo of the house and its availability (the series films on the second weekend of each month).



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