In this humorous novella, a woman nearing the end of her personal rope makes a deal with a demon for ten years of wealth, love and happiness—but what she gets surprises her and readers as well.


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Season six is drawing to a strong close as we unveil our latest episode—a tale of lust, addiction, theft and revenge aptly named “Three, Two, One.”

The episode opens with the brutal murder of a woman (Terry Bisgrove) in her home by mysterious criminal Mark Rabbia (Mo El-Zaatari).  Once dead, he forges her suicide note and takes an envelope of cash as he leaves.  Later that night, a down-on-her-luck prostitute named Trish stands outside a bar, calling everyone she knows in a vain attempt to raise money to feed her heroin addiction.  She strikes out for the last time just as Rabbia drives up and offers her some quick exchange for services to be rendered in the back seat of his car.

Later, after some angry, painful sex, he exits to find relief of a different sort, leaving Trish alone in the car.  She notices an envelope containing several one thousand dollar bills spilling out from under the driver’s seat and seizes the moment, stuffing it into her purse.  Rabbia returns to the car unawares and drops her off at the bar.

However, Trish’s problems are only beginning.  Later that night, she receives a call from a very angry Mark Rabbia.  He has discovered the theft and traced her home, where he plans to take back his ill-gotten money and exact what promises to be an excruciating revenge.  Trish panics until she receives another call—from an ex-boyfriend Blake (Tanner Gould)—inviting her up north to his family's vacation home for the weekend.  Escape is at hand...or is it?

The following day, Blake arrives at the cottage with friends Sean and Olivia.  And although they find indications that Trish has been there, she is nowhere to be found.  However, they’re not quite alone...

Watch for rich cinematography and production design, good performances and a strong sense of suspense which keeps the viewer guessing until the fadeout.  This episode airs every Thursday and Saturday throughout the month of July.  Viewers outside of our broadcast area in Michigan can watch the episode uncut and commercial free on our DailyMotion page.

Cast: Mo El-Zaatari, Ramsey Valentyn, Victoria Dankmeyer, George Avgoustis, Kef Lee, Sharron Nelson, Brian Boynton, Terri Bisgrove.

Crew: Post production supervisor/fx/art direction: Fred Mossman. Cinematography/film editing: Nic Carr. Sound recordist/design: Eben Mannes.  Assistant directors: Russel Kerr, Michael Gauthier.    

Long-time fans of “Midnight Hour” may recall a season four episode called, “Do Not Pass,” which showcased a 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible.  The response to the car was fast and strong.  Taking a cue from this, series producers are now planning to incorporate a 1963 Cadillac convertible, in triple black, into the show’s branding.

The car is exceptionally photogenic and the above photograph of it has been acquired by a non-profit organization for inclusion in a 2015 calendar showcasing 1963-64 Cadillac cars.

Meanwhile, footage has already been shot using the vehicle and will be incorporated into special projects during summer of 2014.  It will also be making the occasional appearance in upcoming episodes of the series.

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