In this humorous novella, a woman nearing the end of her personal rope makes a deal with a demon for ten years of wealth, love and happiness—but what she gets surprises her and readers as well.


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A “star search” is underway in Michigan as talented non-union actors are being recruited for the show’s seventh season lineup of episodes.    

Series producers are now accepting applications from highly motivated and aggressive talent, regardless of experience.  All that is required is a cellphone video audition which can be uploaded to Youtube or emailed directly to the casting team at

A short (approximately one minute) dramatic monologue works best and is very different from a “reel.”  The advantage of a monologue is it gives actors a chance to show what they can do with a professionally written script.  It also allows the casting team to review applications faster, without wading through 5-10 minutes of footage that may not even show the actor (as in the case of short films and reels).

As always, a headshot and resume is welcome if they are available.  Some of the series' finest actors have had no experience but were VERY motivated.

To apply, record a short monologue or scene on cellphone video and send it to

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